I use subtle colors, textures and patterns to design spaces that reflect each clients individuality and style.


The benefit of working with an Interior Design & Color Consultant is that it helps you eliminate all doubts and any questions you may have in personalizing your home.  You may have the idea of what you want but are unable to put what you see in your mind to action.  My consultations and designs are to help with that and are also for the purpose to design beyond what "looks pretty".  I understand the applied science of how colors affect emotions and daily well-being.  Colors should be used in certain combinations to achieve a desired state.  Additionally, the tone of a color along with surrounding materials in the space will make all the difference to the end result. 

We start by discussing the desired aesthetic of the end result, using general conversation, viewing examples of things and looks you love and ones that you want to stay away from, as well as a few other methods.  From there, "it" starts happening.

The whole idea of Warm Spaces is that I want you to want to be in your home.  I want you to be able to take a deep breath after a long day when you walk through the doors.  If you are there all day officing from home or with your kids you should enjoy the space you surround yourself with 24/7.  It should be a place you want to be.  Your daily environment is a critical factor in your overall well being; I will work with you to achieve this goal of content and delight with your home surroundings.


What I Do

​​Overall I am very flexible and tailor how I can help to each client.  However, below are some specific examples:

  • OVERALL DESIGN - vision and implementation

  • DESIGN CONSULTATION- we envision together, you implement

  • COLOR CONSULTATION - combining applied science with your desired end result aesthetic

  • HOURLY CONSULTATION- after initial consultation for specific questions, in-store material selections, etc.

  • MATERIAL RECOMMENDATION - countertops, backsplash, walls, flooring, etc.

  • PERSONAL SHOPPING - furniture, accessories, unique & whimsical finds, etc.